Rancho Bernardo Inn Men’s Golf Club

Minutes of the Organizational Meeting of the 2022 Board of Directors

December 9, 2021

The meeting was held in the RBI Veranda bar. In attendance were Jerry Canning, Norm Blades, Tom Dubuque, Tom Smith, John Kersey, Joe Walkington, Johnny Goebel, Spencer Davis and Gregg Gattuso. Tom Christopher and Roger Smith were absent.

The meeting was called to order at 10:26 AM by Tom Dubuque.

Norm Blades made a motion to nominate the officers for the 2022 Board of Directors.  They are:

Tom Dubuque – President

Gregg Gattuso – Vice President

Tom Smith – Secretary

John Kersey – Treasurer

The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Tom Dubuque welcomed the new member of the Board – Gregg Gattuso.


President Dubuque listed the committee assignments and their backups:

Membership Chair – Jerry Canning

Website Chair – Tom Christopher/Johnny Goebel

Tournament Director & Rules Chair – Joe Walkington/Tom Smith

Handicap Chair – Norm Blades/Roger Smith

Special Projects Chair will be handled by ad hoc volunteers or by Committee as needed


No changes were recommended for Complimentary members of the Club.

Normal Board meetings for 2022 will be on the 3rd Thursday of the month

Jerry Canning, in John Kersey’s absence, will take responsibility for giving an additional Christmas gift from the RBIMGC to a member of the RBI staff.

Tom Dubuque will look into the possibility of bringing back golf after Board meetings at a reduced rate, as well as the Dinner for Two award for CTP on Hole #13.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:42 AM.

Respectfully Submitted

Tom Smith



Rancho Bernardo Inn Men’s Golf Club

Minutes of the Meeting of the RBIMGC Board of Directors

December 9, 2021

The meeting was held in the RBI Veranda bar. In attendance were Norm Blades, Tom Dubuque, Tom Smith, John Kersey, Darryl Medders, Joe Walkington, Jerry Canning, Spencer Davis and Johnny Goebel. Tom Christopher and Roger Smith were absent.

Guest: Gregg Gattuso

The meeting was called to order at 9:01 AM by President Tom Dubuque.

Director of Golf’s Report –Evan Biundo

Course conditions have greatly improved.  There are plans to re-overseed areas that still need help, especially landing zones. These areas will still be Cart Path Only, designated with string-lining. The string-lining areas have been designed so that players can drive around the affected area and still be relatively close to their ball.

March 7 and 8 of 2022 have been designated as aerification dates for the course.

RBI has contracted with Motocaddy for 4 electric trolleys for renting to the general public at $10 per round. They are available on a first-come first-serve basis. These are push carts that drive themselves with the player steering it. They have a built-in full GPS system. They are programmable to travel a specified distance on their own, then stopping.

The SCGA course rating crew was at the course recently to re-rate the golf course. The last rating was 7 years ago. There are no substantial changes in the rating. Changes to the Rules of Golf e.g. penalty areas are changing the ratings slightly. The Men’s Club tees were re-rated as well. Hole #4 tees for the Men’s Club are positioned for driving over the lake and Hole #14 tees are positioned before the bridge. Evan is asking how the Men’s Club wants to rate Hole #7 – from the gold tees or the white tees in the back location. It is currently rated from the gold tees. Refer to the Open Discussion below for the Board’s decision.

There will be divot mix refill areas on the course before the end of the year. There will be a bucket of divot mix on hole 2 or 3 as well as on the promenade. There will be a bottle station on hole #10.

The starters will emphasize to all players that bunkers need to be raked.

Secretary’s Report – Tom Smith:

Tom noted that the minutes of the November 18, 2021, Board of Director’s meeting had been circulated for comment and posted on the website. Tom asked for a motion to approve the minutes.  MSUA.

Treasurer’s Report – John Kersey:

John discussed the Treasurer’s report for the month.  As of December 8, the Club has an operating cash balance of $10,681.46 and estimated available cash of $9,833.14.

Membership Report – Jerry Canning:

The Club has added no new members since the last Board meeting. There have been 4 non-12/31 membership renewals since the last meeting and 2 non-renewals. There are no new applicants in the pipeline. Total membership is at 197, comprised of 190 Full Members and 7 Comped members.

To date, 43 out of 96 members with a 12/31 renewal date have renewed for 2022. In addition, 25 members are signed up to automatically renew on December 16, leaving 28 members who have not renewed as of 12/08. Jerry is aware of 3 members who will definitely not renew by 12/31. Jerry will contact those members who do not renew by 12/31 to be sure they are aware that they are no longer members of the Club nor of the SCGA for handicapping purposes, unless they have membership in another golf club.

Handicap Chairman – Darryl Medders:

Nothing to report

Tournament Chairman –Joe Walkington:

Joe sent out to all Board members a preliminary schedule for 2022. They should review it and get back to him if there are any issues. Jerry Canning will work with Joe on finalizing the President’s Cup dates.

After the December 13 tournament, TDs should click on RBIMGC 2022 under Events and Leagues in Golf Genius.

Gregg Gattuso has been added as a Manager in the USGA Tournament Management system.

Rules Committee – Joe Walkington:

Joe will check with Evan on the Rule if a ball enters the drainage area on Hole 15, left side of cart path.

Web site – Johnny Goebel for Tom Christopher:

Nothing to report.

Open Discussion:

Tom Smith asked all the TDs for help in keeping the TD Handbook up to date. When they are running a tournament and see something in the Handbook that is not right or could be better addressed, send an email to Tom.

Regarding RBIMGC Team Play, some members are considering joining the County Seniors league instead of the SCGA league. They are currently looking for players who have an interest in joining. There is no Board involvement nor Club financing in this effort.

Tom Dubuque had an extended discussion with Jamie Lemon regarding service in the Veranda bar after our shotgun tournaments as well as the Men’s Club menu. This is a work in progress.

It was decided, by a near unanimous hand vote, that the Men’s Club tees on Hole #7 will be from the white tees, not the gold tees. The Men’s Club course rating will be adjusted accordingly.

A motion was made to make the Club’s contribution to the Anniversary Cup prize pool $360 for this year only. The normal amount is $260. The motion was seconded and approved.

The Board thanked Darryl Medders for his service on the Board over the last two years and wished him well.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:25 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Smith