Rancho Bernardo Inn Men’s Golf Club

Minutes of the Meeting of the RBIMGC Board of Directors

March 16, 2021

The meeting was held as a ZOOM video conference. In attendance were Jerry Canning, Norm Blades, Tom Dubuque, Tom Smith, John Kersey, Joe Walkington, Spencer Davis, Darryl Medders, Tom Christopher and Johnny Goebel. Roger Smith was absent.

The meeting was called to order at 9:04 AM by President Tom Dubuque.

Secretary’s Report – Tom Smith:

Tom noted that the minutes of the February 17, 2021 Board of Director’s meeting had been circulated for comment and posted on the website. Tom asked for a motion to approve the minutes.  MSUA.

Treasurer’s Report – John Kersey:

 John discussed the Treasurer’s report for the month.  As of March 15, the Club has an operating cash balance of $15,900.80 and available cash of $15,783.30.

Director of Golf’s Report – Evan Biundo

JC Corporate believes that moving to the red tier does not affect golf operations in any way. The single rider mandate will continue as well as no shotgun starts. We will be allowed shotgun starts and banquets when the County allows large gatherings. The Veranda bar will open soon with 3 tables to meet the 25% capacity rule.

Monday, March 22 will begin the Spring aerification of the greens, front greens first. RBIMGC will play the back nine twice on that day.

Membership Report – Jerry Canning:

 Since the last Board meeting in February, the Club added two new Full members, had three renewals and one non-renewal. There is one applicant in the pipeline.

As of March 16, Club membership is at 194: 187 Full, 0 Associate and 7 Comped members.

Tournament Chairman – Joe Walkington:

Nothing to report.

Handicap Chairman – Darryl Medders:

Nothing to report.

Rules Committee – Joe Walkington:

Nothing to report.

Web site – Tom Christopher:

Our web site software is on a platform that is no longer supported and is on its last legs. Tom recommends he form a small sub-committee to determine what to do before major problems occur. Improved security is an important consideration. The Board agrees that Tom should work on this issue with a small sub-committee.

Open Discussion:

John Kersey prepared and submitted to the Board a 2021 revised budget plan. The Board decided to increase the Club’s contribution to the weekly prize money from $60 from $90 beginning with the March 29 tournament. MSUA. The Board also agreed to supplement the three Member/Member tournaments by $100 in addition to the new $90 standard supplement. Tom Christopher will update the Payout & Results templates in the Board’s Google Library. TD’s should be sure to use these updated templates.

The Board agreed to hold some money in reserve to pay for the potential cost of improving our Club web site platform.

The Board agreed to eliminate eligibility requirements for the three Member/Member tournaments – the Spring and Fall Member/Member tournaments as well as the new Summer Member/Member tournament. The remaining three Special tournaments will continue to have eligibility requirements – the President’s Cup, the Anniversary Cup and the Member/Guest. MSUA

Jerry Canning volunteered to update the web site regarding the 2021 Special Tournaments – their schedule and eligibility requirements.

The March 22 and 29 tournaments will be affected by aeration of the greens. The Inn’s greens fees for those dates will be $41 for walkers (no change) and $44 for riders.

Lift, Clean and Place rules will be at the discretion of the TD, after consulting with the Tournament Chairman.

The next Board meeting will be on April 20 because of a possible interference with Team Play. After that, we will return to our normal 3rd Thursday Board meetings.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:15 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Smith