Rancho Bernardo Inn Men’s Golf Club

Minutes of the Meeting of the 2023 RBIMGC Board of Directors

September 21, 2023

The meeting was held in the RBI Veranda bar. In attendance were John Kersey, Tom Christopher, Norm Blades, and Joe Walkington and Johnny Watson, Jerry Canning, Gregg Gattuso, Dave Schwartz, Scott Hamelin and Roger Smith

The following board members were absent: Jeff Bondesson.


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Gregg Gattuso


Director of Golf’s Report – Evan Biundo. Sodding project in it’s last week and progressing as expected. They did a bit more than originally planned on 10 including grading to help the drainage. He noted that they feel the greenside bunkers are better following the roto-tilling. Hole 12 is anticipated to be 4 weeks complete which they originally hoped would allow carts back on the fairway. However, Evan noted that they will evaluate next week and if they feel it necessary, they will extend the cart path only to assure their expense and work payoff.

Evan also noted that they MIGHT do some Bermuda sodding on the apron around the greens especially on holes like # 5. This would fix the apron issues and help keep the kikuyu grass from damaging the green.

Overseeding will only be on the tee boxes and the aprons as well as some areas on 1,10 and 18.

Aeration will be happening in October on the week of the 9th. And on October the 9th we will be playing the back nine twice. Further discussion with Evan revolved around pace of play and how that effects the pro shop. Evan noted that they will be looking into pace of play in the near future and will work with us to improve POP.


Secretary’s Report – Tom Christopher:


Tom noted that the minutes of the August 17, 2023, Board of Directors meeting had been circulated for comment by Tom, revised and posted on the website. Tom asked for a motion to approve the minutes. MSUA.


Treasurer’s Report – John Kersey:

John discussed in detail the Treasurer’s report for the one-month period of time ending September 21st, 2023. He reported that the Club is financially sound.


Membership Report – Jerry Canning/Johnny Watson:

Jerry reported that the Club added 1 new member(s) since the last Board meeting, Denis Sweeney.

There were 10 full member(s) who renewed their membership since the last meeting, NO member(s) who did not renew and No member(s) whose membership renewal is due before the October board meeting.

The total membership on September 21, 2023 is 176: 168 full members and seven Courtesy members and 1 associate member. Jerry noted that we had two deaths of members this past period Frank Havens and Johnny Goebel.



Handicap Chairman – Norm Blades:


No Updates.


Tournament Chairman – Joe Walkington:


Joe noted that he continues to monitor tournament participation. And selects two versus 4 man tournaments as required. It was noted that tournament turn out continues to remain lower than expected in the low to mid 60s.


Rules Committee – Joe Walkington/ Dave Schwartz:

Nothing to report.


Web site – Scott Hamelin/Tom Christopher:

Nothing to report.


Open Discussion:

Golf Day and Annual Meeting preliminary planning continues. Gregg noted that an October 1st “save the date” email will be sent out for Monday Nov. 6th golf and Tuesday Nov. 7th dinner. Also, a note to select your partner. Tom Christopher volunteered to help with printing out the name tags for the dinner.


Pace of Play discussions: Pace of play continues to remain an issue. General ideas of how to accurately determine occurrences of slow play and then how to work to resolve these findings were discussed. The pro shop will be an area of focus to see if they can determine issues of slow play using the GPS system. Gregg will work with the pro shop to see if we can get a report or some kind of identifier using that system.

It was generally agreed that a member email addressing Pace of Play should be sent out. Gregg indicated he would write up that email.



There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:09 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Christopher, Secretary