Rancho Bernardo Inn Men’s Golf Club

Minutes of the Meeting of the RBIMGC Board of Directors

November 17, 2022

The meeting was held in the RBI Veranda bar. In attendance were John Kersey, Jerry Canning, Tom Dubuque, Tom Smith, Joe Walkington, Tom Christopher, Norm Blades, Roger Smith and Gregg Gattuso.

Johnny Goebel and Spencer Davis were absent.

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Tom Dubuque.

Director of Golf’s Report –Evan Biundo

No report. Evan is out on paternity leave.

Secretary’s Report – Tom Smith:

Tom noted that the minutes of the October 20, 2022, Board of Directors meeting had been circulated for comment, revised and posted on the website. Tom asked for a motion to approve the minutes.  MSUA.

The minutes of our Annual Meeting on November 8 have been posted to the Club’s website.

Treasurer’s Report – John Kersey:

John discussed the Treasurer’s report for the month.  As of November 16, 2022, the Club has an operating cash balance of $12,984.79 and estimated available cash of $8,680.93.

Both A & B Flight winners of this year’s President Cup have enrolled in the SCGA Tournament of Champions in Palm Desert. Their entrance fee is paid by the RBIMGC.

Membership Report –Jerry Canning:

There have been no new members since the last Board meeting. There have been 5 non-December 31 membership renewals since the last meeting and 1 non-renewal. For the December 31 renewals, only 9 of 93 members have renewed so far. There has been 1 membership death – Joe Larkin.

3 Full members will come up for renewal by our next Board meeting. There are 3 new applicants in the pipeline.

Total membership is at 187, comprised of 181 Full Members and 6 Comped and Courtesy members. At this time last year we had 199 total members (192 Full and 7 Comp/Courtesy members).

Tom Dubuque will add to next month’s BOD meeting agenda the need to identify the Comped and Courtesy members of our Club for 2023.

Tom Dubuque will try to get a firm date from the RB Inn on when they will lift the Cart Path Only requirement. This information will be useful for both the weekly invitation emails and for the members who need to renew their memberships.

Handicap Chairman – Norm Blades:

Nothing to report.

Tournament Chairman – Joe Walkington:

Joe is working on next year’s tournament schedule. December 25, 2023 is a Monday. There was general agreement to not schedule play on that date.

Tom Christopher volunteered to be the Tournament Director for this year’s December 26 tournament.

The Invitation email for each tournament should now be sent out automatically on the Monday before the tournament at about 5PM.

Rules Committee – Joe Walkington:

Nothing to Report

Web site –Tom Christopher:

Nothing to report.

Open Discussion:

There were 7 members who paid for golf and dinner but did not attend the dinner.

The December BOD meeting and 2023 Organizational meeting will be held on December 15.

The plaque for the Memorial bench will be attached to the top rail of the bench. The Board agreed that it would be made of brass with raised letters, not plastic. The brass plaque will take 6-8 weeks for delivery.

A motion was made and seconded to keep the Club’s dues unchanged at $110 for 2023. MSUA.

There was general agreement to schedule once per year a round of golf after a Board meeting and invite Past Presidents.

Tom Dubuque will develop a list of names of RBI staff members who will receive a Christmas gift from the RBIMGC. The gift consists of a Christmas card with a cash card enclosed. The dollar amount will remain unchanged from last year.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:05 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Smith, Secretary


Rancho Bernardo Inn Men’s Golf Club

Minutes of the 59th Annual Members’ Dinner and Meeting

November 8, 2022

The social hour began at 6:00 P.M. in the Santiago Courtyard of the RB Inn. The annual meeting of the members of the Rancho Bernardo Inn Men’s Golf Club was called to order by Club President, Tom Dubuque, at about 7:00 PM in the Santiago ballroom.

Tom welcomed 86 Club members to the 59th annual meeting. He introduced the special guests in attendance: Jamie Lemon, General Manager; Evan Biundo, Director of Golf; Matt Loflen, Director of Tournament Sales; Paul Kipfstuhl, Tournament Coordinator; Jeff Baz, Pro Shop staff and Aubrey Paris, Special Guest.

Tom recognized the past Board Presidents in attendance: Jerry Canning; Tom Domville; Dick Fisher; Mike Freeman; Dick Jeffreys; Tom Christopher; John Kersey; Dick Faxon.

Tom introduced the 2022 Board members: Jerry Canning; Joe Walkington; Roger Smith;

Tom Dubuque; Tom Christopher; Norm Blades; Tom Smith; Spencer Davis; John Kersey; Gregg Gattuso and Johnny Goebel.

Tom introduced Jamie Lemon, General Manager. Jamie discussed the challenges to the hospitality industry and course conditions. Jamie was appreciative of the feedback many of our members have given him over the last year and for the patience our members have shown regarding course conditions.

Jamie thanked the RBIMGC for their loyalty to the Inn through these difficult times.

Tom Dubuque, filling in for Allan Casper, acknowledged the passing in 2022 of members, both active and former.  Those who have passed in the last year were: Alan Billotte, Charlie Garren, Barry Nally, Paul Macedo, Ernie Garcia, Chuck McGhee, Pat Hondo, and Joe Larkin.  Tom asked the members to join him in paying tribute to all of them.

Tom thanked our members for their generosity in the purchase of a bench to serve as a memorial to members we have lost over the years. The bench has been received and will soon be installed at the first tee.

There was approximately a 30 minute dinner break.

Tom Dubuque took to the podium and recapped 2022. RBIMGC and the RB Inn management and staff appreciated the support of our membership throughout the year. Tom thanked the Tournament Directors for what they do to organize and run the Club’s tournaments each and every week. Special recognition was given to Joe Walkington, Tournament Chair, who assists the TDs each week and they all wholeheartedly respect his dedication to the task.

In addition to our weekly tournament schedule, we had a very successful President’s Cup tournament, a re-named Spring Memorial tournament, and a return of our popular Member/Guest tournament under the leadership of VP Gregg Gattuso.

Tom expressed his great pleasure to serve as President of the RBIMGC for the past two years. This was followed by a large round of well-earned applause for Tom.

The annual Business Meeting was called to order.

Tom Dubuque introduced Secretary Tom Smith for reading of the minutes of the 2021 Annual Meeting. Before Tom could start, Oscar Lara moved to suspend reading of the minutes. Darryl Medders seconded the motion. By voice vote of the membership, the motion to suspend reading of the minutes passed. Oscar Lara moved to accept the minutes of the 2021 Annual Meeting as written and Darryl Medders seconded the motion. By voice vote of the membership, the motion to approve the minutes of the 2021 Annual Meeting passed.

Jerry Canning provided his Membership Report:

We started calendar year 2022 with 187 members. During the year 18 new Full members joined the Club. We had 15 non-renewals and 3 members passed away during the year. As of today, we have 187 total members which includes 181 Full members and 6 comped and courtesy members. This compares to 198 total members we had at this time last year.

For those members with a non-12/31 renewal date, we had 71 renewals year-to-date along with the 15 non-renewals. That was 8 more non-renewals than last year.

There are 93 members with a renewal date of 12/31. Most of them should have received by now a renewal notice by email from the SCGA, unless they are on automatic renewal. Jerry encouraged them to pay their membership dues now to be certain they will continue as members after 12/31. Only 5 of these 93 members have renewed so far.

John Kersey presented the Club’s financial report. John reported that our Club is in good shape financially. We started 2022 with approximately $10,682 and will end the year with about $7,929. Of this amount, $5,000 is reserved for the Club’s D&O liability insurance, leaving the Club with expected available cash of $2,929, standard for the Club at previous year ends. The Club should end 2022 with a slight surplus due to the fact that many of our members donated more to the memorial bench than was anticipated.

Tom Smith presented the slate of nominees for the 2023 Board of Directors. Seven nominees are returning Board members. They are Norm Blades, Jerry Canning, Tom Christopher, Gregg Gattuso, John Kersey, Roger Smith, and Joe Walkington.  Four nominees will be new to the Board. They are Jeff Bondesson, Scott Hamelin, Dave Schwartz and Johnny Watson. Tom asked for a motion to approve these nominees. Tom Christopher moved to accept the nominees and Spencer Davis seconded the motion. By an affirmative voice vote, the membership approved the slate of nominees, as presented, to become the Club’s Board of Directors for 2023.

Gregg Gattuso took to the podium to acknowledge the work of two members leaving the Board this year, Tom Smith and Tom Dubuque. Gregg acknowledged the work of Tom Smith, who has been on the Board for 5 years, most recently as Secretary. Tom re-wrote the Club’s TD Manual to reflect our shift to Golf Genius. The new manual is 52 pages and it has become an invaluable tool in training new tournament directors.

Gregg also acknowledged Tom Dubuque who has served on the Board for 5 years in a number of positions and ran a number of tournaments. As President, he guided our Club when golf returned from the pandemic, dealing with the ever-changing course conditions and restrictions. He has done an exemplary job as President in a difficult time.

Both Tom Smith and Tom Dubuque received a long round of applause from the membership for their work on the Board of the RBIMGC.

Tom Dubuque introduced Evan Biundo, Director of Golf for RBI:

Evan acknowledged that Tom Dubuque, his playing partner in yesterday’s Member/Member Golf Day tournament, contributed 7 out of the 10 birdies for their team.

Evan thanked everyone in the room for their camaraderie with him and his staff. It allows them to enjoy every day they come to work.

Evan pointed out several of the successes Golf Operations had in 2022, including a brand new fleet of carts and a bunker restoration on hole #1 which will lead to more restorations in 2023.

Evan acknowledged some of his team members who were in attendance: Matt Loflen, noting that he and his wife Ruth welcomed a new baby boy, Henry, into this world; Jeff Baz who welcomes us every morning at check-in; Paul Kipfstuhl who runs their tournaments; and Aubrey Paris, who recently left the RB Inn to become the manager at the Country Club of Rancho Bernardo, but who will always be a part of the RBI family.

In closing, Evan thanked the Board of RBIMGC for their care for the RB Inn and their helpful feedback to make it a better place.

Tom Dubuque announced the winners of the following two Special Tournaments in 2022:

  • Spring Memorial Tournament Championship:

Terry Conant and Larry Pagenkopp

  • Annual Golf Day 2-Man Best Ball Results:

First place winners were Roman Chavez and Al Allison with a team score of 60.


Joe Walkington announced the results of the 2022 President’s Cup:

This is our 30th year of having a President’s Cup tournament. The champion of the 1996 tournament, and in the audience, was Tom Domville.

There were 38 total participants in this year’s President’s Cup, in two flights. 24 became finalists after two rounds of stroke play competition and advanced to the match-play portion of the President’s Cup competition.

All qualifiers for match-play participated in prizes. First round winners were Marcos Melim, Scott Miller, Johnny Goebel, Scott Hamelin, Joe Walkington, Warren Strumfa, Mike Fuqua and Ed Wunner.

Second round winners were Merv Santos, Dave Bachert, Saj Aujla, Tom Connolly, Jerry Canning, Bruce Keenan, Norm Blades and Pete Balistreri.

Quarter-final winners were Dom Nigro, Bill Ginty, Johnny Watson and Larry Pagenkopp.

The runner-ups were Roy Burchill and Doug Chenet.

Upon completion of the matches, the Club crowned the following champions for 2022:

    • A-Flight Champion— Marty Mullins
    • B-Flight Champion —Terry Conant

John Kersey announced that in 2022 the RBIMGC awarded $38,494 in prizes.

The top 10 prize winners in the Club were as follows:

1st        Terry Conant                           $860

2nd       Johnny Goebel                        $743

3rd        Marty Mullins                         $728

4th        Allan Casper                            $698

5th        Gregg Gattuso                         $651

6th        Dave McCallum                      $644

7th        Saj Aujla                                  $640

8th        Joe Walkington                       $615

9th        Roberto Caicedo                     $602

10th      Norm Blades                           $593

Tom Dubuque announced an open forum for Members’ questions. There were none.

At about 8:45PM, Tom Dubuque announced that the formal portion of the meeting had concluded.

Tom Dubuque then completed the evening by conducting a raffle drawing of many prizes.  All prizes, including merchandise, dinners and 11 rounds of golf at several regional golf courses, were compliments of, donated by, or purchased at a discount from, the RBIMGC, the RBI Golf Pro Shop or from several JC-managed and other regional golf courses. Aubrey Paris, Jeff Baz and Paul Kipfstuhl assisted Tom Dubuque in conducting the raffle.

Respectively Submitted

Tom Smith

RBIMGC Secretary.