The year 2013 marked a milestone for the RB Inn Men’s Golf Club as it celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding in 1963. To commemorate this achievement, the RBI Men’s Golf Club developed a year-long event entitled “The 50th Anniversary Celebration Series”, fashioned somewhat after the PGA’s FedEx Cup. The Series culminated in a special December 2013 tournament named the Golden Jubilee Tournament. That tournament was such a hit that the Club subsequently decided to re-name the year-long event “The Annual Anniversary Celebration Series” and the annual year-end special tournament the “Anniversary Cup”.

The Annual Anniversary Celebration Series is Structured as follows:

Every time a member plays in an RBI Men’s Golf Club event (see exceptions below), they earn 2 points. In addition, a member earns 1 additional point whenever they (a) win a prize as a member of a winning team or (b) win a prize for an individual low net score and/or (c) win a closest to the pin prize. A member will earn 5 additional points if they score a Hole-In-One during the season.  In order to qualify to participate in the 2021 Anniversary Cup tournament on December 13, 2021, a member must attain a minimum of 50 points. All points accumulated in excess of 50 points will be used in a formula to lower the member’s Net Score in the Anniversary Cup tournament. Each point earned over the 50 point qualifying level will lower a member’s net score by 1/20 (0.05) of a stroke. For example, if a member accumulates 88 points during the course of the year, the 38 points over the 50 minimum qualifying points will earn that member a deduction of 1.9  strokes (38 X 0.05) from his net score in the Anniversary Cup tournament. Obviously, the more points a member earns during the course of the year in excess of 50 points, the more strokes that member will be able to deduct from his net score in the December 13th Anniversary Cup tournament.

Exceptions: Participation in the Member/Guest tournament, a Men’s & Women’s Club Golf Mixer or the Match Play portion of the President’s Cup will not earn points towards the Anniversary Cup.

Any questions? … please contact Tom Smith at

Anniversary Cup Points to Date:

Points accumulated by each member will be posted on about the 1st of each month.

The points below includes all tournaments since our last Anniversary Cup competition on December 14, 2020 up to, and including, our March 29, 2021 tournament.

Even if you haven’t accumulated the 50 points to compete for the Anniversary Cup, you are still welcome to play. There will be a separate competition and prize money for members with less than 50 points. 


Al Allison W 4 Stephen Drabek S 9 Mike Kent DP 17 Curt Robinson
Dennis Alviso S 13 Dick Drew John Kersey S 28 Glenn Rodis 1P
Iraj Asgharzadeh S 15 Tom Dubuque W 29 Paul Kipfstuhl S John Roe D
Saj Aujla W 24 John Dunn S 6 Larry Kress 1PF 13 John Rogers D
Dave Bachert WC 16 Mike Durrant D 11 Ron Lacy S 12 Larry Rosenthal D 25
Rich Backer S 12 Wally Dutton D 12 Oscar Lara S 22 Rob Salazar D
Pete Balistreri D 17 Carl Dyszkiewicz  S 5 Joe Larkin PD 8 Richard Sanchez S 6
Bruce Bechard WC 23 David Estep Jamie Lemon Brad Sandstrom D 18
Terry Bedell  W 20 Dan Fauth WC 13 Paul Lockwood D 13 Joe Sandzimier WC 21
Evan Biundo 2 Dick Faxon S 12 Matt Loflen Fred Santo-Tomas
Norm Blades D 26 Dick Fisher 1P 7 Bob Lohneiss W 27 Fred Scharar S 14
Jeff Bondesson W 13 Mike  Freeman S 25 Rick Lysander S 6 Bob Schmidt S 17
Rex Booher WC 2 Mike Fuqua S 23 Buzz Mann 1C 22 Nolan Schmuckle
Pat Bowen D 26 Ernie Garcia  S 16 Mike Markovitz S 23 Elmer Schorzman S 13
Marty Brown S Charlie Garren D 34 Toby Mayfield S Dave Schwartz  W 27
Dave Buckles Gregg Gattuso S 20 Dave McCallum S 27 Hal Schweiger W
Roy Burchill W 13 Steve Geller D 24 Chuck McGhee D 22 Roy Sciacca S 18
Dave Burningham S Bob Giannaris D 29 Mike McGhee D W/C 25 Gary Slater
Todd Burns S 19 Bob Ginther S 15 Dennis McGibben S 13 Roger Smith W 22
Roberto Caicedo D 2 Mike Giulianotti S 14 Jack McGuire S 17 Tom Smith        S 27
Frank Cambou S 14 Don Glover DF 18 Darryl Medders S 17 Hal Snyder W 20
Steve Campbell S 18 Johnny Goebel S W 27 Marcos Melim D 18 Terry Sonnack  W 31
Jerry Canning D 25 Bob Googins S 2 Scott Miller W 27 Jim Southard W 23
Dan Carr Dave Goss John Momsen S 29 Bart Spitzmiller S 10
Keith Carter 2 Tom Graham Tom Moore D 18 Ed Spooner  W
Allan Casper D 23 Bill Halloran S 24 Bud Mullen W 17 Rob Stalker DF 18
Bart Castellitto 4 Ren Halloran S 31 Marty Mullins W 27 Mike Stelman
Pat Chaffee Neal Harris DF 6 Barry Nally  SF 11 Tom Stevens D
Roman Chavez S 13 Bill Harrison DF 25 Sam Navidi S 18 Chuck StLaurent DF 28
Doug Chenet W 24 Dan Hasbrook S 29 Dom Nigro S 21 Warren Strumfa SP 16
Stephen Christie S 21 Frank Havens W 30 Bill O’Brien S Phil Sullivan S 12
Tom Christopher S 21 Bob Heath Mike Oliver W 20 Karl Swartz DF 26
Bob Ciavarella S 9 Dave Hebert S 7 Jerry O’Rourke S 26 Steve Swinton WC
Greg Clark W 6 Rob Helin W Jeff Owens D 10 Larry Tate S 12
Wade Collier D 17 Bob Horn W 14 Larry Pagenkopp D 26 Jim Temenak 1P 17
Terry Conant S 14 Chuck Hurley S 21 Pat Parcells W Don Thorp D
Tom Connolly D 18 Brian Janney D Randy Peelle S 10 C T Tomlin 6
Bob Cooper Hans Janzon D 9 Jerry Piaskowski  D 5 Tom Torgerson D 23
Marc Corless P 2 Dick Jeffreys S 21 Bruce Pileggi W 21 Bill Torrez D 2
Louis Cortellini S 19 Jerry Jeli S Ken Pohl S 17 Paul Van Israel S 27
Steve Cortright     S 27 Eric Johansen W Lee Proimos Scott Villiard
Spencer Davis S 14 Rune Johanson DF 14 Don Rago S 11 Joe Walkington D 32
Doug Dawson John Johnston W 15 Ray Ramach W 6 Johnny Watson S 23
Jim Del Monte 1P 2 Brian Jones D 24 Bob Rast D 23 Sterling Wilson S
Ron Derham D 10 Bob Joyce D 9 Thomas Reid Paul Wohlgemuth S 12
James Dixon S 5 Bruce Keenan S 22 Larry Reyno WC 30 Scott Woodruff D 9
Tom Dobransky Jim Kennedy 24 Del Ritchhart S Ed Wunner S 7
Tom Domville DF 6 Ian Kenny S 19 Tom Robbins S 2 Steve Yezarski D 28
Joe Zesbaugh D 19