Tournament Registration

Registration for a Tournament will open at 5:00 PM on the Monday 7 days ahead of the event. All members will receive an email invitation which will include links to select either “Playing or “Not Playing” in that tournament.


On making his selection, the member will receive immediate confirmation of his choice unless the limit for participation has been exceeded. In that event, the member will be immediately notified that he has been placed on the waiting list.

Registration will close at 4:00 PM on the Friday before the event. All members are encouraged to make their response to the invitation promptly after they receive it but they may respond using the links on the invitation up until the registration window closes.


Registering after the registration window has closed:

If the registration window has closed, the member must contact the TD for that event and request to be included. He will be placed on the waiting list and, while the TD will make every effort to accommodate his request, his participation will only be accepted if an appropriate opening becomes available.


Withdrawing after registering to play:

A member should retain the invitation in his inbox or in a folder until the tournament registration is closed. Should he need to withdraw from the event before the registrations have closed, he may open the invitation and select the “not playing” link. He will receive an immediate acknowledgement that he is no longer registered to participate in the tournament.

If the members invitation is not available or if the registrations have closed, he must contact the TD and indicate that he is withdrawing from the tournament.


Verifying a members registration or viewing the event roster or pairings:

Any member whether registered or not, may view a listing of those who are registered for a tournament at any time between the opening of the registrations at 5:00 PM on the Monday 7 days before the event and noon on the Sunday before the event by using the link shown on the roster/pairings page under the Tournaments tab of our website. After Sunday at noon, he will be viewing the tournament pairings and tee assignments which will replace the registered player list.

NOTE: The box in the upper left corner shows the tournament for which the information is being displayed. A different tournament can be displayed by clicking on the arrow to the right and selecting another date from the drop down menu.


Registering a guest:

When a member registers for a tournament by selecting the “Playing” link on the invitation he will receive an immediate confirmation of his registration. On that screen, there is a link to “Send a message to the manager”. The member will click on that link and send a message that he will be bringing a guest and list the guests name as he will want it to appear on the scorecard. The TD will register the guest and will place a G after his name.

Forward tee option:

Members who are at least 70 years old and whose index is 25 or greater, may opt to play from the forward tees in all regular or special Monday tournaments except where the option is specifically prohibited by board action. A qualifying member must notify Joe Walkington by E mail at that he wants to play from the forward tees and this option will be in effect for all future tournaments until cancelled by the member by  another E mail. A member having selected the option will be identified by having an F after his name in any tournament registration listings or pairings.