If you received an e-mail to renew your membership please click on the green button below.  

Renewal of Membership in the RBIMGC

The button above will allow any and all CURRENT members to pay for their renewal dues with a credit card. Each member will receive a e-mail from the SCGA three times prior to their membership renewal date. These e-mails will be sent 60 days, 30 days and 7 days prior to your membership expiration date.

For golfers wishing to become a member of the Club, they must complete a Membership Application and submit that application along with the membership dues prior to becoming a member of the club (See Membership Information below).

Again, when you receive an e-mail stating your membership dues are due (the first e-mail will be 60 days prior to your renewal date) you may pay by any of the following methods:

  1. Follow the link provided in the e-mail sent to you from the SCGA and review your contact data. If all is correct, follow the prompts to pay your renewal fee with a credit card.
  2. On this page, directly above, click on the green bar labeled “Current Members: RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP”. The link will take you to a SCGA website where after reviewing your data you can pay your renewal fee with a credit card.
  3. Mail a check, payable to the Rancho Bernardo Inn Men’s Golf Club, to the Membership Chairman (Jerry Canning) for the dues amount. Make sure you send the check at least a couple of weeks prior to the expiration date of your membership. Mail to Jerry Canning, 13561 Sunset View Road, Poway, CA 92064-5050.
  4. Pay with a check or cash the next time you see the Membership Chairman at one of our tournaments.



The Rancho Bernardo Inn Men’s Golf Club (RBIMGC) is open to all men 18 years of age or older and offers its members many opportunities for golf and fellowship. The Club has one level of membership – all members are considered to be FULL Members. The benefits of membership in the Club are described below. All Club members are registered with the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA), receiving an individual identification number for handicap purposes.


  • Receive an official SCGA / GHIN index for handicap calculation at any SCGA-USGA rated golf course.
  • Participate in RBIMGC Tournaments at a special reduced greens fee (must be a member of JC Golf or a member of the Rancho Bernardo Inn Resort Club to receive the special reduced fee).
  • The RB Inn offers to RBIMGC members a special lunch menu every Monday afternoon in the Veranda Sports Bar following our golf tournaments. In addition, all your favorite drinks are offered at special reduced prices.  We encourage all tournament participants to join us in the Veranda Sports Bar for this fellowship.
  • Enjoy winning prizes for tournament play, including certificates for free rounds of golf at the RB Inn, from a prize pool that is graciously enhanced by the RB Inn’s Pro Shop.
  • Participate in all of the Club’s “Special Tournament” events (subject to qualification requirements) as listed below.
  • Meet and develop those friendly and fun comradeships and friendships with fellow Club members that naturally come about from being a member of the RB Inn Men’s Golf Club.
  • Receive a yearly subscription to the SCGA magazine FORE, and a directory of all Southern California courses.
  • Enjoy the latest Club news at our web site: http://www.rbimgc.com.


The Club has one level of membership. All members are deemed to be FULL Members. The Club no longer offers an Associate membership level.

Full Member

As a Full Member, you are eligible to participate in ALL of the Club’s Monday morning tournaments. A prize pool tournament fee of $7.00 is charged per event, which is applied toward that tournament’s prize awards. Registration for these Tournaments can be accomplished by using the online registration invitation mail sent to all members via the Golf Genius tournament software program. Links to tournament pairings and start times are posted on our web site by mid-day Sunday before each tournament.

As a Member of the Club, you may participate in any or all of the following annual Special Tournament events:

(Some require having played in a minimum number of Club tournaments to be eligible to win prize money.)

  1. Spring Memorial 2-Man Team Championship.
  2. Member/Guest Tournament.
  3. President’s Cup Tournament (Club Championship).
  4. Anniversary Cup Tournament
  5. The Golf Day Tournament and Annual Members’ dinner.


The annual membership dues for all Members is $110.

The above dues include the required annual $36 SCGA membership fee.

A special note: The memberships of those members who join the Club after January 1, 2018 will run for a full year (12 consecutive months) from the date the member joins the Club and will be subject to renewal on the anniversary date of when the member joined the Club. For all members who were active members and listed on the Club’s membership roster on January 1, 2018, their membership renewal date will be every December 31st as long as they remain a member of the Club.

An existing member may invite a prospective member to play as a guest twice in a calendar year to allow him to assess his interest in becoming a member of RBIMGC.

Cost of JC Signature Membership (Weekday)


Includes up to 7 free rounds, plus 1 free round on your birthday, for an average cost savings of $57 per free round
Other golf discounts and numerous golf and non-golf related benefits are available with membership.
EXAMPLE: Savings for a JC Member playing two (2) Monday tournaments each month as a member of the RBIMGC
24 Rounds per year played with the Men’s Golf Club, ignoring all other benefits:

Monday Morning Men’s Golf Club Green Fees

Non-JC Member

JC Member


Cost per round for a Southern California Resident



# of Rounds



Total Green Fees




Less cost of the JC Signature Card Membership (Weekday)


JC Membership Savings Just from Playing in only 24 Monday RBIMGC tournaments


Add the Approximate Value of 7 Free Rounds Plus a Free Round on Your Birthday


Annual JC Membership Savings from Only 24 Monday Tournaments and Your 8 Free Rounds




The Board of Directors of the RBIMGC has established the policy that Tournament participation for those with a course handicap greater than 40 will do so at a handicap of 40.

In the interest of speed of play all Club members entered in tournament play are expected to maintain indices of no greater than 36.4. Golf lessons can readily be arranged with the Pro Shop to assist in achieving lower indices. In accordance with newly-adopted World Handicap System, the SCGA will update any member’s official golf index following the posting of each golf score.  Handicap indices and the last 20 posted rounds are available on the GHIN/SCGA Internet web site using your SCGA number: http:// www.SCGA.org.

New members who have a recent handicap index from another club affiliation, whether associated with the SCGA or another recognized golf association, may submit documentation to the RBIMGC Handicap Committee to have their index transferred to the Club’s SCGA account.  New members without a prior index will receive a SCGA membership number which will allow them to begin posting their golf scores into the SCGA handicap system computer.  Once a minimum of five scores have been posted, the SCGA handicap system will compute a new member’s first golf index, which is then updated in accordance with the World Handicap System by the SCGA as more golf scores are posted.  A new member may also obtain an index by submitting five or more attested 18-hole scores to the Handicap Committee. A temporary index will then be established by the Handicap Committee that can be used by the new member to participate in RBIMGC tournaments.  Until the establishment of an official index, no new member is eligible to win any prize awards from participating in Club tournaments. Once a member receives his GHIN/SCGA membership number, that member’s Monday RBIMGC tournament scores will automatically be entered into the SCGA handicap system by each tournament’s Tournament Director (TD). Other than official RBIMGC Monday tournaments, members are responsible to post all their golf scores into the SCGA handicap/score computer system. This system requires that all 9- and 18-hole scores, both at home and away, be entered (posted) into the computer provided at each SCGA-rated  course. Scores can also be posted via the Internet at the GHIN/SCGA website, http://www.SCGA.org.  The Club’s Handicap Committee is empowered to impose penalties for failure to electronically post all scores – both 9 and 18 holes of play – on a timely basis (within 2 days following a round of golf).  HANDICAP/INDEX PROCEDURES



To view or download  an application form, see link below. Please fill it out completely and legibly.


Download (PDF, 104KB)


To view or download the Rancho Bernardo Inn Men’s Golf Club Members Handbook, see link below window.

Download (DOCX, 127KB)